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Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface supports offline writing across desktop applications.
  • High-quality speech feedback allows users to hear what they write in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes in their own writing.
  • Proofreading mode guides users to readily find and correct spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Offers a list of words with similar meaning to add variety to your writing.
  • *NEW* Dynamic topics with integrated ThoughtQ technology helps users research and flesh out ideas on an unfamiliar topic.
  • *NEW (Windows only)* Speech recognition with integrated SpeakQ technology supports those who have difficulty with conventional dictation software.
  • **Explicit language warning. Infrequent/Mild Profanity prediction is possible.
  • Included in North American Professional English version – US Professional English and Canadian Professional English vocabularies, also included are standard vocabularies for Latin American Spanish and Canadian French
  • Supports creating a separate user profile for each Language
  • *NEW* Subscription and Perpetual licensing for single and volume purchases

Who Uses it?

Designed to improve effective communication and productivity. Our users include students from upper secondary, colleges, universities, business professionals, CEOs of major corporations, journalists and many more. How they use it is completely personal to their needs as wordQ Pro is flexible and adapts to your needs. WordQ Pro offers you the support you need only when you need it, instead of distracting you with features and functions you aren't using.

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System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit)

  • 1 GHz or higher processor speed
  • 2GB Ram or more preferred
  • Speakers and microphone* or headset*
  • 1GB hard disk space for minimum installation
  • Internet connection is required for license activation
  • *Speech recognition requires Microsoft Speech Recognizer Engine (MSRE) for the profile vocabulary being used. MSRE may already be included in your version of Windows or may be available for download in language packs for Windows 7/8/10 Ultimate/Business/Pro from Microsoft's site.


An Apple computer running macOS 10.9(or newer)

  • 1 GHz or higher processor speed
  • 2GB Ram or more preferred
  • Speakers or headset
  • 1GB hard disk space for minimum installation*
  • Internet connection is required for license activation.
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    Proof Reading

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    Creating a New User

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    3 Ways to Choose Words

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    What is wordQ Pro?

  • ST4 Learning
  • Exclusive USA Distribution Agent for WordQ & SpeakQ
  • P.O. Box 646, Morrison, CO 80465
  • Toll Free Phone: (877) 674 7687
  • order@goqsoftware.com
  • Technical Support
  • Quillsoft Ltd (developers of the 'Q' suite of software)
  • USA or Canada Toll Free: 1-844-37WORDQ 1-844-379-6737
  • support@quillsoft.ca
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